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Putney School of Art & Design

Due to the Covid 19 situation,

all digital courses have been suspended

until we develop an online offering.  


Graphic Design (Digital)

You will learn how to use the tools, palettes and menus in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create original artwork. Then, using Adobe InDesign and the artwork that you have created, you will learn how to professionally design and layout items such as brochures, menus, newsletters and virtually anything else in a printed medium. We will also discuss designing for screens and web. You will learn to use the three programs together as an integrated whole giving you the power to fulfill your design needs from beginning to end. The basics of Typography will be learned including fonts, placement and using type as artwork. We will also cover basic design concepts such as composition, perspective, space and colour. Design trends come and go and this class can help you keep up to date with the graphic design world. Lately, we have been creating "infographics". This is the modern way to visually communicate.  Infographics can be used for Education, Sales/Presentation and Thought Leadership.  

Other Teaching Experience

UCA Farnham

Teaching Textile students how to use Illustrator and Photoshop to create designs and presentations depending on their degree course.  Students learned textile design and how to work with Photoshop to best display their work.  Many students were working on interiors for home and for cars.  Others were working towards a career in fashion.

Parson's School of Design

In NYC, I was at  Parson's School of Design under the now famous Timothy Gunn in 2001. The course was called called "3 Dimensional Design and was based on the ancient skills of Draping and Sewing.

I introduced a critique to the class and they went from sketch to pattern making to sewing their own fashion garments. 

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