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Infographics & Animated Gifs

Infographics & Gifs are what we are left with now that folks have no attention span. I teach infographics at Putney School of Art and Design. There is no room in the world for long presentations or articles. Even blogs have gone more visual and less written. I am going to challenge myself to create infographics or a gif once a week. The only way I will be able to do this with my teaching schedule is to cheat a little from time to time. Like today. I have been updating my website all day and trying to work on my SEO (hence the blog). I will share a gif that I made already. There are some lovely little skips because its a clunky type of frame animation. I used to teach this back in the early millennium but it was superseded by Flash animation (remember that?). Flash was then killed by Apple. #animatedgif #infographics

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